Adding a Window

Adding a window to give a room more natural light.

Our most recent project involved adding a window unit to a room that had very little natural light coming in. The customer wanted to add a six foot window unit to their room which is next to the master bedroom and is going to be used as a sitting room or T.V. room.

Drywall cut out and old framing exposed.Before picture of exterior wall where new window will go.








Above left is a picture of the interior drywall cut out for the window opening. The old framing is exposed. Luckily there was no electrical wiring to be moved. Above right is a picture of the exterior wall where the new window will be.

New framing and header installed. Drywall repaired.

The sheetrock around new opening is repaired.Old framing has been remove and header to carry load is installed.








Above left is the new framing and a double six inch header installed. The header will carry the load above. This is necessary because four studs were removed from the opening to allow for the window installation. Above right is a picture of the drywall around the opening after it has been repaired.

Hole through siding is cut and window is ready to install.

Interior view of hole cut out for window installation.Exterior view of sheathing and siding cut out for window installation.





Above are the interior and exterior pictures of the sheathing and siding cut away to allow for window installation.

Windows installed with interior custom casing and trim. Exterior trim installed.

Exterior view of new window installed with trim.Interior view of the new window installed with custom casing and trim.








Above are the pictures of the windows installed and trimmed inside and out. Spray foam is used between the new window and framing to keep out drafts. The trim is then caulked where it meets the window and siding on the outside and where it meets the window and drywall on the inside. The spray foam and caulking are additional barriers to help with home efficiency.

For additional information see our article on home efficiency.

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