Build A Raised Gardening Box

Learn how to build a raised gardening bed for vegetables and herbs.

This one is for the suburban farmers here in North Texas.

Building a gardening box to grow your own vegetables and herbs for cooking is fairly inexpensive building-raised-gardening-bedand a heck of a lot easier than tilling and preparing the soil in your back yard. Being raised above the ground also helps keep the family pets out of your garden.

One important factor to consider before you begin is the location you will use for your garden. Most vegetables require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. Salad greens such as lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower require less sunlight to produce.

If your home faces North or South you shouldn’t have a problem with finding a good location in your back yard that gets a lot of sun. If you face East or West it might be a little trickier. Plan accordingly.

Material needed for a 3 foot by 6 foot garden:

Cedar or pressure treated lumber works best to avoid wood rot.

  • Six 2″ x 6″ x 8′
  • Box of three inch wood screws (Deckmate)
  • Four half inch by four foot rebar
  • Roll of 3mil black plastic
  • Twenty bags of top soil
  • Two bags of gardening soil

Cut four of the 2 x 6 to 72″. Yields four pieces. Save the off fall. Cut two of the 2 x 6 to 33″. Yields four pieces. Save the off fall on these as well. Now take the off fall pieces and cut them to 10″. This will yield eight pieces.


Assembling the gardening box:

Build lower section of box by screwing the short ends to the longer front and back. Attach four the 10″ off fall pieces in all four corners leaving a half inch gap for the rebar. The remaining off fall pieces are attached at the center of the front, back, and sides. gardening-box-built-with-supports

Build the upper section of the box by laying the front, back, and sides on top of the box already built. Screw together the corners then screw in to the blocks in the corners and in the centers.

Next, hammer in the four pieces of rebar in all four corners. These won’t go all the way in the ground. Hammer in as far as they will go and then cut the remainder flush to the top of the box with a hacksaw or, preferably, a grinder.

Final step is to line the bottom of the box with the 3mil plastic. Overlap up the sides of the box about 4 inches. It is preferable to staple the plastic to the box but not necessary.

Ready to fill with dirt.

Fill the box first with the twenty bags of top soil. Even out with a rake. Finish off by filling with the line-bottom-of-box-with-plastictwo bags of gardening soil. Mix in with the top soil and then even out with a rake.

There you have it. Pretty simple raised gardening bed.

As always, if you have any questions or need help regarding this project, please leave a comment below and I will get back with you shortly.

Or, if you would like a free estimate for us to build these for you, click the link above.

Below I have also included a couple of links to gardening books and some pre-built raised garden beds if you are more interested in going that route.

Happy Gardening!

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